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Our Mission
HuaYi Education's mission is to help our students achieve academic, sports, and social excellence, develop their full potential through positive encouragement, improved self-confidence, and teacher guided learning.

History and Present
HuaYi Education, former WY Edukids, was born out of the desire of several Plano parents to find high quality, stimulating, and reasonably priced after-school education for their children. These parents had ideas and opinions about how they wanted their children to learn to extend their children's academic growth.

Since 2002, HuaYi Education provides stimulating education programs designed to help our children in social, cognitive, and academic growth. We provide experiences in supervised school homework, Chinese language, math and analogies, and chess club programs. Our well-planned programs help the children to improve their critical thinking and academic skills and help them getting ready for PISD's wide variety of assessment tests, e.g., STAAR, MAP, CogAT, etc.

HuaYi Education provides top quality programs designed to help our children keep in good health and building sport credits to enter their dream college(s). Our chess program is one of the best in the nation and state. Many national and state champions and top players come from our programs.

HuaYi Education provides every student an unique stage to play out his/her full potential.